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Zeppos - Smartphone and Tablet Tracking

Zeppos – Smartphone and Tablet Tracking

The “Zeppos App” transforms any mobile device into a live tracking unit – as a result you will always know.

Zeppos is monitored on our Online web application and Olympia Tracking App – Consequently, you know.

The Android App is free to download – however,   IOS versions are not available at the moment.

The monthly online cost is Euro 2,65 – even more, it can be stopped at any time.

To Install – Go to the link Zeppos – download the app to your device.

Once you have it downloaded the App – please send us your App identification code that will be displayed once the app has been downloaded via email.

Zeppos  only takes a couple minutes – Consequently, no complicated hard to get out of contracts.

In the event you want to stop  – just send us an email and your account will be deactivated at the end of that month.

Please contact us for Questions or to Order