We at SGS proudly stand behind our products and services!

Starcom GPS Global Solutions

Real time GPS tracking, monitoring and recording solutions for any kind of business to any telecommunications platform with instant messaging anywhere anytime - Professional solutions designed for professionals. We at SGS stand proudly behind all our products and services!

More about us ...

Starcom GPS Global Solutions is a European based technology company specializing in the sales, monitoring and maintaining of automated systems for remote tracking, monitoring and management of fleets of vehicles, containers and people.

The company provides complete solutions for real-time GPS fleet management and vehicle security applications, personal tracking, merchandise tracking, containers tracking and management and an online application.

What clients say about Starcom GPS Global Solutions?

“Starcom GPS Global Solutions products are easy to use, all types of vehicles and objects can be tracked, monitored and events recorded and immediately reported on from anywhere on the planet to any modern platform”.

Tetis - Container Tracking Monitoring and Reporting System - Endorsed by Lloyd's of London for "High Value Cargo"

Kylos - Valuable goods Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting System

Revolutionary "Lokies" Keyless Smart Padlock

Helios - The Ultimate Vehicle GPS Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting System in the World! Endorsed and sold by Porsche Germany