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Kylos - Valuables

Kylos Tracking Systems for People, Land - Air Cargo and Valuables

Kylos Air (FAA Regulations Compliant)

Kylos Air (FAA Compliant))

The Kylos Air provides an overall solution for ULD Palettes (Standard Aerial Unit Load Device) and ULD Containers. The solution offers easy installation and removal, high accuracy sensors and reliable performance. The solution complies with the FAA Regulations: cellular modem is deactivated during take-off, and reactivated automatically upon landing using its internal Barometer and Accelerometer sensors. Kylos Air: GSM + GPS (built-in antennas) + Accelerometer (Tilt detection) + Barometer + 5000mAh battery and a charger

Kylos Compact 2G

Kylos Compact

The "Kylos Compact 2G" extremely tough, small, to the point “Innovation”, but…very big! Kylos Compact can be used individually and is designed to track your irreplaceable value objects and to know the whereabouts of your loved ones or your pet’s. The unit is smaller than your hand palm, and therefore can be fixed anywhere. Ideal for skiing holidays to know where your loved ones are and are safe. Emergency button function also alerts you if help is needed. It can be hidden in almost all the objects to be protected, including adapting to a wide range of applications and are used for various situations. Kylos Compact Unit: GSM + GPS (built-in antennas) + Accelerometer (Tilt detection) + Temperature and light sensors, 550mAh battery and a charger

Kylos Forever

Kylos Forever

"Kylos Forever" will watch over your assets or equipment placed in remote areas for months at a time, with its battery that lasts up to 3 years with daily updates. The unit will last much longer if placed inactive and dormant. This way, you can keep up with what's going in your most isolated sites, and reduce the risk of having your equipment stolen, lost or possibly forgotten. Sure enough, while the device is in the dormant mode, it will "wake up” and will report if any situation which appears to be out of the ordinary or unexpected. Kylos Forever is a standalone unit, capable of operating without the need for any connection or external wiring, this makes it easily hidden if required, for example in motorcycles, ATV's, boats, construction equipment or anywhere you can safely place it where it isn't readily seen. If you don't want or need daily updates we also offer the unit as a sleeper unit. That means that you can place the unit inside anything. The unit is not active or activated. Making it also undetectable by thieves. In the event of something happening with you assets you will have the ability to activate the unit and track it. The batteries in this unit are rechargeable. Kylos Forever Unit: GSM + GPS (built-in antennas) + Accelerometer (Tilt detection) + 5000mAh battery and a charger

Kylos Stardard

Kylos Standard

The most sophisticated unit for real time tracking and protection of merchandise. The hidden unit allows you to track and monitor any kind of asset without suspicion, enabling an effective merchandise tracking and management. In any unwanted or unsuspected situation, the GPS merchandise system sends you a direct alert, enabling you to protect and locate your goods all over the world, at any time. As a small, stable autonomous device, Kylos gives you full control of all possible events. Thanks to its built in sensitive sensors- light, temperature and location- you have a complete knowledge of your merchandise condition and location, at any given moment. Kylos is an independent portable system with a built-in battery without the need for external power supply. Kylos Unit: GSM + GPRS (built-in antennas) + Accelerometer (Tilt detection) + Temperature and light sensors, 1620mAh battery and a charger.

The Kylos line of freight tracking is an ideal, cost effective solution – as a result, you know!
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