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About us – Starcom GPS Global Solutions is a GPS technology company specializing in the sale of Starcom System’s automated GPS tracking systems for the management of fleets of vehicles, high value vehicles,  containers, extreme sports enthusiasts, people, pets and valuable livestock – in fact, making our systems some of the best on the planet.

SGS is a real-time GPS tracking systems provider with real time information as well as live tracking and reports about any vehicle fleet, container, merchandise and personnel – as a result, enabling your business to manage its resources more effectively

Our systems allow live online tracking and its IOS and Android Apps are localized in 35 languages – as a result,  you can access your account anywhere anytime.

Our products come in several models and types – as a result we have solutions that can be used anywhere on the planet.

We offer turn key solutions – above all, this is very important for businesses.

Our personnel are all professionals – in fact, some of the best in the business.

Our Clients are very important to us – in other words, we stand proudly behind our products, systems and services.

We offer competitive prices with superior products – on the other hand, we offer complete customer service.

Indeed, SGS offers a complete package of consultation, product advice and after sales service.

In any case, SGS should be your one stop partner for GPS tracking systems.

Starcom GPS Global Solutions
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