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Tetis - Containers

Tetis ( Standard) 2G & 3G for ISO Land and Sea Containers

Tetis (S) Standard comes in 2G and 3G Models

The Tetis "S" Standard - Is a Real time container GPS Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting System. The Tetis (S) Standard tracking system provides ongoing monitoring of your standard ISO containers through all the stations and checkpoints on its journey, from the factory to its final destination. Whether going through customs inspections, when harboring at the port or if the container is now heading towards its final destination on the rails or on a truck. The Tetis system tracks the location of the container and provides useful information on its condition. Any unauthorized opening or breaking- in you are instantly alerted, as well as any deviation from a predefined route and anomaly in temperature. Tetis Unit: Cellular + GPS (built-in antennas), 4500 mAh battery Built-in Sensors: Light, temperature, Accelerometer Buttons: Installation, door, operation

Tetis ( R ) Reefer 2G & 3G ISO Land and Sea Containers

Tetis "R" Reefer comes in 2G and 3G models

This unit has all the same functions as the Tetis (S) Standard but has the additional ability to monitor humidity and reports on both dry and refrigerated land and sea containers. Especially beneficial for refrigerated containers (Reefers), carrying frozen or chilled cargo, Tetis R integrates a highly sensitive temperature sensor for monitoring the environmental temperature conditions with an accuracy up to ±0.2°C. For special handling cargo, such as medical syringes or hazardous substances the built-in accelerometer keeps you informed about changes in movement or events of impact, ensuring safe delivery of your cargo. Tetis Unit: Cellular + GPS (built-in antennas), 4500 mAh battery, Built-in Sensors: Light, temperature, humidity, Accelerometer Buttons: Installation, door, operation. Battery charger included.

Tetis Hybrid

Tetis Hybrid (GSM/Iridium)

Tetis Hybrid unit tracks the status of dry and reefer containers from the moment they are sealed until they are opened at their final destination. This system combines satellite (Iridium) and GSM connectivity, Tetis Hybrid is always on the lookout, always monitoring, even in the most remote areas or far away at sea. Real-time tracking information is presented according to user preferences and is sent as email , text message or using our IOS and Android apps… keeping you up to speed with your containers conveniently at every moment. Tetis Unit: Cellular + GPS + 2G (built-in antennas), 4500 mAh battery, Iridium unit: Satellite communication (built-in antenna), 2600 mAh battery, Built-in Sensors: Light, temperature, humidity Accelerometer Buttons: door, operation

Tetis – Containers

Tetis Container Tracking for your ease of mind!

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