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WatchLock - The Reporting Lock

WatchLock Cube 2G – The Reporting Lock and Customs Seal

Intelligent Security lock, tracking from anywhere to anywhere, that guards and report about every lock and unlock, ensuring your peace of mind by knowing that your valuables are closely supervised anytime, anywhere. 1 Watchlock Unit. 4 x AA batteries, duplication card. no charger. 2 keys
The WatchLock Cube – The Reporting Lock and Intelligent Customs Seal

WatchLock Cube is a smart reporting lock, providing you both security and peace of mind. This award-winning padlock combines advanced GPS and cellular technology with high security locking to create a solution that protects and communicates with you – no matter where you or your assets are. It is an ideal solution to seal containers, trailers and other portable units. WatchLock can also be used to secure gates, warehouses and restricted areas. Any irregular event will immediately trigger an emergency alert, allowing you to prevent breach and damage to your cargo or station. WatchLock is a stand-alone autonomous system, doesn’t require any wiring and is easily installed just like any other padlock. Providing both physical security and electronic tracking and monitoring device. It allows customers to reach and provide security for the most remote assets and keep them monitored with real-time communication and alerts.

The WatchLock is ideal suited for remote or hard to-access infrastructures, such as

  1. mobile phone masts
  2. warehouses
  3. electricity transmission towers
  4. CCTV cameras
  5. gates and door to sensitive areas

Alerts on any opening and closing of the lock, as a result complete control!

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