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The WatchLock "Lokies" 3G and 4G coming in Q4 2019

The WatchLock “Lokies” 3G and 4G coming in Q4 2019

July 22, 2019

Coming in Q4 2019 – we would like to Introduce WatchLock “Lokies”, the smartest and most unique padlock in the world today! It comes in 3G and 4G models.
An innovative IoT based padlock which can be opened remotely. It doesn’t require a key and can easily be mobilized without the need to look after and distribute keys. Its advanced Bluetooth connectivity allows you to identify and manage multiple users with different access authorizations.
The Access Control feature turns Lokies into a one-of-a-kind intelligent management tool that keeps a full log of when it was opened, for how long, and by whom.
Lokies brings never used before security capabilities for remote areas with no supply of high voltage. It comes with a revolutionary shackle which detects any breach. That‘s not all… for the first time ever, it can be equipped with a flexible shackle, giving the option to use one padlock in a setting which previously demanded multiple padlocks.

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