We at SGS proudly stand behind our products and services!


Helios - Vehicles and Fleet Management

Tetis (S) - Container Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting

Kylos - Valuables and People

WatchLock - The reporting lock

We offer all possible tracking solutions that can be specifically designed for you, your family, your company or your valuables.

There are at SGS complete and total packages of solutions that we guarantee will meet or excess any need or requirement you could possibly have!  We offer the following systems

Helios – Fleet Management and Vehicle GPS Tracking – alternatively, we have various 2G, 3G and Iridium models

Tetis – Container Tracking Systems – (GSM, GPRS, GPS and Iridium models) -consequently, you always know the status of your freight

Kylos – Valuables – big or small – land sea or air

Watchlock – 2012 Security Award Winning  – intelligent lock and electronic customs sealing System

We offer a complete online control center – as a result, you are in control

Our Complete IOS and Android Applications – accessible from any platform anywhere on the Planet