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Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions

Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions

The lost revenue due to a certain shipment in the Pharmaceutical Industry being stolen could be financially devastating – furthermore, could lead to bankruptcy-  Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions are a very cost effective alternative.

The Helios System and Kylos Systems – allows you to:

  1. Monitor and reports on any unattended loads or pieces of equipment – ultimately,  giving you greater control
  2. Records any prolonged or unreasonable standby times – as a result better fleet management
  3. Helps you decrease the number of cases of fuel theft –  consequently,  reducing your operating cost
  4. Helps reduce fuel consumption costs – as a result of unauthorized use
  5. Records all aspect of deliveries from start to finish – most of all, making your operation more efficient
  6. It tracks exact vehicle positions – as a result,  you are able to remotely shut down unauthorized use.
  7. Logs and records the number of entry and exits from any particular client – consequently helping your administration.


Pharmaceutical IndustryPharmaceutical Industry Solutions