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Free-time Toys Solutions

 Free-time Toys Solutions

Our Free-time Toys solutions gives you the power to know in real-time exactly where your free-time toys are – as a result you have peace of mind

The Helios TT (Track and Trace) is a small device for tracking your  loved and treasured motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Golf Carts, boats and virtually every kind and type or motorized leisure time vehicle. Consequently, it provides protection for both the rider and the vehicle.

The Helios TT provides real time alerts for when your vehicle is stolen or being towed.

It is ideally suited for special needs like the police and couriers.

The system defines exact locations – as a result you know where your vehicle is and where it has been.

It features Geo-fencing alerts for when the vehicle departs or enters any identified area – therefore you know where and when it comes and goes.

Its compact size allow it to be hidden easily – hence, not easy to find if your vehicle is stolen.

It features built-in antennas – also, a protective cover for all weather conditions

The system is easy to use – simple to install and has very low power consumption.

It comes complete with a durable waterproof protective cover. .



Helios – Track and Trace (TT)