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Kylos Compact

Personal Tracker Solutions

Our personal tracker solutions gives you the power to know in real-time exactly where your loved ones are – as a result, you have peace of mind

The Kylos Compact is a small device for tracking your  loved ones, valuables and virtually every kind and type or motorized leisure time vehicle. Consequently, it provides you complete protection.

It is ideally suited for  children and the elderly.

The system defines exact locations – as a result you know where your loved ones are.

Geo-fencing alerts for when they depart or enter any identified area – therefore,  you know where and when they come and go.

Its compact size allow it to be carried easily – hence, not easy to forget it.

It features a built-in antenna – also, a protective cover that will protect you in all weather conditions.

The system is easy to use – simply turn it on and you are ready to go.

All Kylos models will send real time alerts – also emergency alerts

Alternatively,  we have low cost Smartphone and tablet tracking apps – Zeppos

It is ideally suited for children and the elderly

Geo-fencing will alert you when your loved ones leave or enter any identified area – therefore you know where and when they come and go

Its compact size allow you to easily take it with you.

Powerful batteries will give you peace of mind.