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Cargo Freight Solutions

Cargo Freight Solutions

Vehicle Tracking

Our  Helios systems allows you live tracking of any vehicle in your fleet – Hence, information is power of your cargo freight solution

Helios allows you to observe and control by:

  1.  Helios automatically tracks any vehicle on the move with your cargo freight solution – Therefore, more control
  2.  Monitors visits to warehouses, objects and delivery points – As a result better planning
  3.  Records route starting and finishing times – Consequently, improving efficiency
  4.  Reports and records the numbers of stops and driver breaks – as a result a better delivery system
  5.  Registers all working hours – Therefore, you have better delivery times of any of your cargo and freight
  6.  Supervises parking or unauthorized stops – Leading to, better fleet management
  7.  Records vehicle operating hours and non-working hours – Relevant for vehicle maintenance scheduling
  8.  Controls of vehicle traveling  speeds with alerts for violations – Helps by reducing excessive fuel usage
  9.  Oversees fuel usage and theft – Most of all,  it allows you to know how much fuel you are using and any abuse
Container Tracking

Our Tetis Container Tracking System comes in three models

Standard (S) – Tetis  – for Standard ISO Dry land and sea containers.

Reefer (R) – Tetis  – is designed for Standard ISO land and sea reefer-ed containers

Hybrid (H) – Tetis  – for all Standard and Reefer-ed land and sea containers (GSM/Iridium)